Clar de Lun? / Band

Patru nebuni frumo?i, pasiona?i de muzic?, s-au cunoscut în urm? cu 3 ani ?i au început s? cânte. În prezent, proiectul nostru muzical are 10 piese rock finalizate, dintre care 7 sunt înregistrate în studio, publicate pe pagina de Youtube a trupei: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP7xx_0z744wydQ74ythbdA

TMM / Band

TMM is a Romanian rock band founded in September 2020. We are performing our own music. At this moment(May 2021) are ready 9 songs from our first album which will be official release in October 2021. We are No. 1 on ReverbNation.com on National Chart, Rock Genre and No. 21 WorldWide, Rock Genre. Our band profile on ReverbNation.com is: https://www.reverbnation.com/TMMband We won 6 songs as Featured Artist on first page ReverbNation.com

BlackJack / Band

Blackjack is Rock band born from the desire to play a good music for everyone's true rock heart and soul. The story began in 2005, when Andrei Ionescu (guitars), Mihai Ionescu (guitars) and Adrian Ciobanu (bass) decided to start band inspired by the late 80’s rock music. Short time after Claudiu Ivan (vocals) and Anatoliu Szabo (drums) joined the band and the project was on the way. The work resulted in new songs written and lots of concerts throughout Romania between 2005 and 2008. In 2008 Claudiu Ivan left the band and couldn’t be replaced until 2009, when BlackJack started collaborating with Robert Pascari. Unfortunatelly, in 2010 both Robert Pascari and Anatoliu Szabo decided to try out their chances abroad and left Romania forever. This fact resulted in a two years break for BlackJack, until the beginning of 2012, when Johnny Wolf DeVita (vocals) and Valentin Randy Vasile (drums) joined the band. The new members both have an important musical background – Gianni is the ex-vocalist of Hot Shiver (Napoli) and Valentin is the ex-drummer of Salt/Asalt,Tectonic,Metrock (Bucharest). In this new formula the story carries on and team work resulted in new songs and a series of concerts in Bucharest.


Atunci când spui "No Antidote" e clar, e?ti hot?rât! Din 2007 trupa face fa?? schimb?rilor ce se ?in lan?, dar care de fiecare dat? par s? completeze la fix formula. Dincolo de compozi?ii ?i cover-uri, concerte ?i evenimente, exist? o tradi?ie : cine trece pragul s?lii de repeti?ii ?i pune um?rul la treab?, intr? în familia noastr? ?i devine "Antidot".

Didi Taihuttu


Speaking is one of the passions in my life. I love to entertain people and often get the feedback that I am a natural storyteller. The energy you get from educating people or showing them another truth is what drives me. I speak in Dutch, German or English and can adapt my talks to any theme that you like. Yes, I sometimes prepare but I love to freestyle and adapt to what the audience needs to hear. Till now I spoke on many events about blockchain, crypto, and life. From private parties to small venues or 1000+ audiences, I love them all. The coolest thing is when I get my family on stage an people see how a family of five is traveling the world on crypto. After 15 years experience of running IT companies and starting mining bitcoin in 2013 didi decided to change life in 2016. He realised that life clould go very fast so he and his family sold their house and everything they owned to go All-IN BTC. Since then they have been living a decentral nomad life solely with crypto. Didi and his family are known as The Bitcoin Family and travel the world to support Bitcoin and blockchain 24/7. They use a big part of their profits for charity and educate the ones that really need it in the fundamentals of Bitcoin and blockchain. He is a true evangelist and believes that and Bitcoin and blockchain are tools to include the excluded into the monetary system and bring power back top the people because BTC is uncontactable. He is part of many international documentaries about Bitcoin and an inspiration for many people in the crypto space.

Neeraj Chopda


We are Indian

The SolomonS / Band

we are best band



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Andrè is a dance group composed of Andreea B?lan and Andreea Antonescu, founded in 1998 in Romania. They debuted with the album La rencontre in 1999, winning the trophy of the Mamaia festival with the song "Libera la mare" from the second studio album, Noapte de vis. Although they have always been in the media's attention due to their sexual lyrics and sexy clothes as well as the frequent scandals between the components , the band received four platinum and one gold record in 2002 for the 1,200,000 copies. of the albums sold, being the Romanian band with the highest sales. On July 2, 2019, the band André reunited. Their first song after the reunion is "Reset to the Heart", released on July 9. At the end of the year, Andreea B?lan met Andreea Antonescu on the children's show Ba da, Ba nu, thus giving birth to the Andrè project, although Alexandru Antonescu was reluctant at first. The Andrè project proved to be a national success, occasionally having success outside the Romanian borders, their target audience being teenagers. The compositions from the debut album, La rencontre, were mostly made by S?ndel B?lan, including the song "A more quiet universe", renamed here "Illusions", previously performed by Andreea B?lan in the Eurovision contest.It was released in May 1999 and proved to be a commercial success, selling over 50,000 copies by September of the same year. The group enjoyed great popularity due to its simple musical style and rhythmic songs. To promote the album, they performed "La rencontre", "Let's have fun" and "Nu m? uita" in some TV shows, but none of the songs benefited from a video. The first song enjoyed popularity on radio stations, despite the lack of support from them usually given to Romanian musicians.


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